At the Capitol

Legislative Priorities

Economic Development, Tourism, and Taxation

  • Support efforts to improve economic opportunities and enhance the quality of life in rural Georgia.
  • Promote policies that strengthen emerging and innovative technology and industries that have potential to grow jobs and economic prosperity.
  • Support a reduction in the personal and corporate income tax rates.
  • Support current tax incentives which have proven to assist companies to invest and expand their footprint in the state.
  • Support legislation aimed at creating parity between online and bricks and mortar retailers.
  • Support legislation that waives certain regulations and fees for startup companies to enhance our entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Support ongoing examination of the current tax base, tax rates, tax incentives, and compliance requirements to ensure a Georgia business environment that is fair and competitive—not only for the state’s existing businesses, but also for businesses considering locating here.


  • Promote policies that increase awareness and access to higher education options for Georgians as well as the return on investment of a degree program based on anticipated income.
  • Support policies that improve college persistence and completion rates to provide an employable and adaptable workforce.
  • Promote the continued and expanded investment in public and private research.


  • Preserve Georgia’s employment-at-will doctrine and the state’s right-to-work status.
  • Preserve employers’ ability to maintain a safe business environment for employees.
  • Examine options for portable benefits such as disability insurance and retirement for non-traditional employees.

Energy & Natural Resources

  • Protect statewide access to sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy supplies.
  • Enhance access to high-quality, affordable water supplies and ensuring future water supply security for communities and businesses across the state.

Health & Wellness

  • Support a state-led approach to ensure the viability of our healthcare system by pursuing waivers from the Federal Government to help small businesses with premium assistance as well as increase access to care for more Georgians.
  • Promote cost containment with respect to employer-sponsored health insurance.

Legal Reform

  • Improve the balance of the state’s legal climate by modernizing Georgia’s Civil Practice Act, requiring accuracy in medical damages, and limiting prejudicial practices of plaintiffs’ attorneys.
  • Address data breach liability protections that incentivize businesses to take extensive precautions in protecting data.


  • Support continued strategic investment of state funding into Georgia’s transportation network to promote economic growth and greater quality of life.
  • Support efforts to expand Georgia’s capacity to transport freight.
  • Support strategic efforts to continue to develop Georgia’s network of public transportation systems.
  • Support innovations in transportation that contribute to the state’s competitiveness and economic growth.

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