In this week’s local chamber spotlight, we shine a light on the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce and the incredible impact they’re having on their community.

As many recall, earlier this year, South Georgia experienced complete devastation from the unrelenting storms that continued to pound the area. What seemed like a terrible nightmare turned into a harsh realization for the people in Albany and surrounding areas.

For the Albany Area Chamber, the heartache their city was experiencing fired up a new mission to reunite the people and businesses of Albany. Determined to move forward, they acted quickly to be the difference they knew their citizens needed now more than ever.

The Chamber partnered with Grow Albany and Flint River Habitat for Humanity in an effort to restore Albany’s landscape one tree at a time. Additionally, they continue to work with some of the area’s most prominent business and community leaders in order to create innovative solutions for a stronger and more united Albany.

Despite the storm damage, this chamber isn’t letting anything sweep them off their feet. They’ve come back stronger than ever before, and continue to rebuild with higher hopes, incredible confidence, and an overwhelming amount of positivity.

Having served the Albany Dougherty County for over 100 years, we’re happy to support the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce in all that they do to not only better Albany, but to better the entire state of Georgia.

For more information on the Albany Area Chamber and how to get involved, visit

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