We’ve always known Augusta as Georgia’s second oldest city and a PGA kingdom during the U.S. Masters, but the “Garden City” is blooming into a Cybersecurity powerhouse. Nestled along the Savannah River, the city is home to the Fort Gordon Cyber District Cyber Center of Excellence, and the future home to Fort Gordon’s Army Cyber Command Headquarters and Hull McKnight Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center.

In April, Fortune Magazine included Augusta as one of seven cities that could become the world’s next cyber security capital. Unlike its counterparts, the culture of Augusta brings together a richness of soul and small-town vibe with a taste for southern charm. Now the growing city is complimented by a robust future in knowledge-based economic growth.

As a testament to the power of partnership, the Georgia Chamber works collaboratively with Augusta University to host an annual discussion series called Cyber Georgia @ Augusta University. This year’s event will be held on October 12-13, 2017, with keynote speakers Lt. Gen. Vincent R. Stewart, the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Commander of Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, and Lt. Gen. Paul M. Nakasone, the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Cyber Command.

Each year, Cyber Georgia fosters a discussion among industry leaders, business experts, academic professionals, and government officials. This October, join the conversation as experts dive deeper into cyber threats specifically in the healthcare industry.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with Augusta University on this event for a second year,” President and CEO of the Georgia Chamber Chris Clark said. “Recently in the news, we’ve seen a wave of cyberattacks crippling big and small businesses. Events like Cyber Georgia are essential when it comes to not only addressing the issue, but finding realistic solutions to preventing the continuation of cyberattacks in the future.”

To register or more information on Cyber Georgia @ Augusta University, visit www.cyberga.com.

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