The Georgia Chamber works as a partner with local communities

While the state and local chambers are similar in name, they serve separate purposes that promote and support each other without duplication or conflict. The Georgia Chamber’s number one goal is to aggressively lobby state and federal government on behalf of the statewide business community on issues that transcend regional boundaries and that impact a company’s bottom line, no matter what their size, location or industry.

The Role of Local Chambers

A local Chamber of Commerce plays a vital role in the business community of a specific city or county. Focusing on the specific issues that impact their members helps them garner influence with locally elected officials. Local chambers also provide valuable services to their members through economic development and events that increase communication between businesses in the same community.  The Georgia Chamber believes that all businesses should belong to their local Chamber of Commerce.

The Role of the State Chamber

The Georgia Chamber works across regional boundaries on issues of statewide impact and that are critical to business success.  We are positioned to aggressively and actively lobby the Georgia Legislature and Congressional delegation on behalf of our members and with a focus on making our state economically competitive.   Actively supporting both the state and local Chamber ensures that your voice is heard is all matters that affect your business, both at home and throughout the state.

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