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From Iceland, to South Africa, and even Cuba, Chamber members have traveled far and wide through our Chamber Abroad International Travel Program.

In the Spring of 2023 we restart this incredible travel program with a trip to Central Italy's Tuscany region! Click here to learn more.

Each spring, this unique program offers attendees business opportunities and cultural experiences around the globe. Participating in a Chamber Abroad trip gives you insider’s access to some of the top international destinations for business and travel, where you’ll take part in exclusive opportunities and specially curated experiences. Traveling with the Georgia Chamber allows you to develop connections with Georgia industry leaders and cultural influencers that will benefit you and your business long after the trip is over.

“Meeting new friends on the road to discovery brings immediate camaraderie. Georgia is populated with wonderful, interesting people. Dining with friends while a velvet monkey stealthily snatches a morsel off a plate or dancing unabashedly at one of the wonders of the world is the best fellowship,” said South Africa trip attendee, Vickie Williamson.

“Two words to describe my experience in Iceland are ‘otherworldly’ and ‘majestic,’” said Georgia Chamber President & CEO, Chris Clark. “The landscapes are unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and what’s remarkable is that it changes around every bend. You’re seeing a different mountain, glacier, and volcanic eruption as you make your way from one place to another.”

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