Georgia Chamber Announces Small Diverse Business Program, Sponsored by Fiserv

Program will provide free Georgia Chamber memberships to eight qualifying small, diverse businesses

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce is proud to offer eight Chamber memberships to qualifying small, diverse businesses based in Georgia. The Small Diverse Business program, sponsored by Fiserv, embodies the Chamber’s vision for promoting diversity through leadership programs with an intentional focus on equity and inclusion as part of Georgia’s small business ecosystem.

“Georgia Chamber membership via the Small Diverse Business program will enable these businesses to obtain access to affordable healthcare benefits, return-to-work training programs, local and statewide events, and information through a state-level advocacy and engagement organization,” said Chris Clark, President & CEO of the Georgia Chamber. “We are proud to work with member corporations like Fiserv to foster a more inclusive business environment for all and offer essential resources to the small business sector in our state.”

Fiserv, a leading global provider of payments and financial services technology solutions, will sponsor the Small Diverse Business program by funding eight Georgia Chamber memberships for businesses in Georgia. Fiserv has significant operations in Georgia and is a technology provider to thousands of small businesses across the state through its Clover® point-of-sale platform.

“The Georgia Chamber’s Small Diverse Business program aligns with our commitment to serve as an advocate for diversity, inclusion, and small business success,” said Vivian Greentree, Head of Global Corporate Citizenship at Fiserv. “By funding memberships to the Georgia Chamber, we will provide these eight businesses with access to resources that will position them for long term success.”

Qualified businesses that are chosen for the Small Diverse Business program will enjoy one year of membership to the Georgia Chamber among a host of other benefits. Applications are open through December 17, 2020, and interested businesses that qualify can apply through the website at

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