If you find yourself cruising down Atlanta’s Beltline and want to grab a bite to eat, we suggest you stop by Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall. This outdoor themed bar and restaurant made its way to our small business spotlight because of their fresh and adventurous take on all things cuisine.

Located at mile marker 9.25, Ladybird is the self-proclaimed basecamp for the urban explorer. From the flag room to the patio, every square inch offers an authentic and unforgettable dining experience. Enjoy cuisine under an elevated campfire for dinner, or swing by on the weekend to get your brunch on.

Additionally, they offer private bookings for an array of events from business lunches to formal dinners. As a member of the Georgia Chamber, we’re a proud supporter and frequent visitor of this Atlanta hotspot. To find out more about Ladybird, visit www.ladybirdatlanta.com.

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