Meet Amy, a passionate entrepreneur working to change and better the lives of those around her. Over the years, she has built six businesses, including her own empire, Amy Walker Consulting. Launched in November of 2012, Amy Walker Consulting has successfully educated and coached thousands of business owners, teams, and entrepreneurs.

The family owned and operated business consulting firm works to build leaders through teaching and utilizing the four pillars of success: financial strength, time freedom, strong relationships, and living in alignment with personal beliefs. Whether you’re a business owner looking for a unique coaching program, or you’re simply seeking ways to develop leadership skills, Amy Walker Consulting is just the place.

“As a result of mentoring with Amy Walker for the past year, my monthly income has doubled, my high-end rate has now become my low-end rate, and I had the courage and confidence to move into my very own professional office after 7 years of private practice in someone else’s space,” said Cristine Price, Integrative Mental Health Counselor.

The Georgia Chamber is excited to have Amy Walker Consulting as a new member, and looks forward to working together to inspire people from all aspects of life. To find out more information about Amy Walker Consulting, click here.

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