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Georgia is home to a diverse economy of businesses of all sizes.  We are blessed with academic institutions that are turning out cutting edge research and development alongside potential employees.  In order to fully realize our economic potential, we must do more to develop homegrown startup companies, modernize public policy for growing segments of the economy, and leverage existing industries to bring in affiliated businesses.

The Chamber supports:

  • Development of policies that encourage and facilitate the growth of entrepreneurship and innovation within these sectors.
  • Policies that address commercialization, research activity, funding, and collaboration among the private and public sectors. Attention to these areas will further develop the state’s value chain from concept to market.
  • Efforts to identify and create means to improve the availability of capital in Georgia, attract more venture capital firms to our state and create a healthy ecosystem for keeping Georgia-grown companies in our state.
  • Policies that support the “full work” — production and post-production work — of a film, digital, and recording projects.

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