Small Business Spotlight

We’re happy to say that this week’s small business spotlight goes to Camp Southern Ground. Much more than just a camp for kids and teens, Camp Southern Ground has a unique and inspirational story that many have yet to hear.

It all starts with the founder and famous Georgia country music artist, Zac Brown. Zac reflected on his childhood and found that attending camps was one of the most positive and influential experiences he had while growing up. Because of this, he turned an old childhood memory into a present-day reality.

Along with kids and teens having acres of land to run, play and learn, many businesses have also joined in by using the space for team building activities and staff outings. Every part of the camp holds a deeper meaning, as Zac incorporated personal features into each building and part of the land.

Nine weeks out of the year the camp brings together children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), learning and attention issues such as ADHD, and Dyslexia, social or emotional challenges, and typical needs or mainstream children. Additionally, they have an unparalleled commitment to specifically supporting the inclusion of military children as a vital part of the camper population.

When camp is not in session, the state-of-the-art facilities of Camp Southern Ground pose as host facilities for non-profits and businesses of all types.

Camp Southern Ground’s innovative space and ideas have helped redefined what a camp really is. As a new member of the Georgia Chamber, we fully support the efforts of Zac and his team to shed a light on the benefits camp can instill in children of all ages.

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