On the brink of celebrating 100 years of baking, Byrd’s Famous Cookies has stood the test of time not only because they make some of the best cookies in the state of Georgia, but because of the strong family ties that run deep within this company.

In the early 1920’s, Ben Byrd Sr. began baking bite sized batches of cookies and delivered them to neighborhood markets in his Model T Ford. It didn’t take the community long to realize there was something special about Byrd’s cookies; soon after, the cookies were coined “Byrd’s Famous Cookies.” Years later, Byrd’s son, Byrd Jr., took over the family business and had the idea of packaging the signature bite sized cookies into tins so that they would travel better. Little did they know, this small packaging adjustment would become the brand’s signature look.

As the business began to move forward, spanning through two more generations, Byrd’s cookies were no longer a local sensation, but a national one. After becoming a gourmet food company and developing dozens of new flavors, one of which was the first cookie ever to win the Dessert of the Year Award at the ASFT Fancy Food Show, Byrd’s Famous Cookies remain deeply rooted in their small-town Savannah surroundings.

As a member of the Georgia Chamber, Byrd’s Famous Cookies is part of a network of Georgia businesses that continue to influence the state’s job market and contribute to growing and creating jobs that make Georgia the best state for business.

For more information about Byrd’s Famous Cookies, visit their website at http://www.byrdcookiecompany.com/.

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