As a member of the Georgia Chamber, you get exclusive tools and access to a variety of investor benefits designed to boost your business in a number of ways. One of those ways is through our NOWaccount program, redefining how businesses from around the world and across all industries get paid.

This unique program enables small businesses that sell to commercial and government customers to access their capital by receiving payment immediately on the invoices they choose, while their customers continue to pay according to their current trade terms and schedules.

Watch this short and informative video below to get a better understanding of how NOWaccount can transform your business.

It’s not hard to see why businesses choose to utilize NOWaccount – In fact, it’s helped Georgia businesses double, and even triple, revenue in their first year of using the service. Best of all, your annual NOW Network membership fee is waived for the first year – that’s a savings of over $200! It’s also available for local chambers to offer to their members as well.

Still questioning if NOWaccount is the right tool for your business? Tune in and watch a handful of testimonials from people just like you by clicking here.

So, how do you enroll? It’s easy, free, and takes just a few minutes to complete. Follow the four steps below:

Step 1: Click here and select Join NOW to complete the online application form and have your first year’s membership fee waived.

Step 2: Within minutes, you will receive an application confirmation email.  Please review the confirmation to ensure your information is accurate.

Step 3: Once your application has been pre-approved, you will receive an email containing the NOWaccount Merchant Services Agreement (MSA) and an information form.  Simply complete and electronically sign and return the forms. When your enrollment has been completed, you will receive an activation confirmation email with instructions for submitting your selected customers for approval and invoices for processing.

Step 4 (For QuickBooks Online Users): Click here to seamlessly integrate your NOWaccount with your QuickBooks Online. Don’t forget to mention your chamber membership to have the annual NOW Network membership fee waived for the first year!

For additional questions or information, contact Lauren Meeks at

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