Joint Statement: Georgia Chamber & Metro Atlanta Chamber on SB 180 Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA)

“The Metro Atlanta Chamber and Georgia Chamber of Commerce are focused on protecting Georgia’s reputation as the No. 1 state for business by supporting policies that drive economic development and job creation while defending against measures that would negatively impact our business climate.”

“We believe it is best to focus on issues like workforce development, infrastructure and education which move our state forward and improve the quality of life for all Georgians, including employees who work for our member companies, the customers they serve and those who visit our great state for work or play. In order for Georgia businesses to compete for top talent, we must have workplaces and communities that are diverse and welcoming for all people.”

“For decades, Georgia has benefited from a positive working relationship between the business community and our elected leaders to promote our state as a center for global commerce. Georgia’s stable governance attracts industry and has served our citizens well, and we oppose any efforts, including SB 180, that would undermine the state’s strong reputation we have built together.”

Attributable to:

David Raynor

Chief Public Affairs Officer

Georgia Chamber of Commerce

Marshall Guest

Senior Vice President, Public Policy & Public Affairs

Metro Atlanta Chamber

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