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FROM Georgia News, Press Release · Nov 2, 2018

Georgia Chamber Launches Georgia Chamber SMART Plan

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, launched the Georgia Chamber SMART Plan, a new comprehensive health program that offers rate stability and potential savings for groups with 2 to 50 eligible employees. For small business employers with at least two employees enrolled on their medical plan and… Continue Reading

FROM Georgia News, Press Release · Oct 15, 2018

Hurricane Michael Recovery

HURRICANE MICHAEL RECOVERY We all know how disasters like Hurricane Michael can impact our communities and lives, and now that the worst is behind us, it’s time for us to step in and assist those impacted. We’ve been monitoring the damage the storm left behind, and the impact it had on businesses and communities throughout… Continue Reading

FROM Georgia News · Oct 12, 2018

Read This Before Heading to the Polls

Over the last year, the Georgia Chamber has connected with candidates across the state to share our ‘8 for 18’ initiative in which we defined the pro-business platform. For more details on our ‘8 for 18’ initiative and where the candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Secretary of State stand on the issues important to… Continue Reading

FROM Georgia News · Jul 25, 2018

Election Results

On behalf of the Public Affairs Team at the Georgia Chamber, we would like to extend congratulations to those candidates who secured victory in yesterday’s Primary Runoff Election. We would like to give special recognition to two Chamber-endorsed candidates, Paula Hastings (House District 102, Gwinnett county) and Donna Sheldon (House District 105, Gwinnett county) on… Continue Reading

FROM Georgia News · Jul 5, 2018

Tax Incentives for Georgia Tourism

House Bill 793, sponsored by Representative Dominic LaRiccia (Douglas)extends Georgia’s existing tax exemption on construction materials for the expansion of the Georgia Aquarium and creation of a new museum in Cartersville. How does House Bill 793 impact Georgia’s economy? House Bill 793 helps facilitate a $100 million expansion of the Georgia Aquarium through a tax… Continue Reading

FROM Georgia News · Jun 29, 2018

Connect Act

Senate Bill 3, sponsored by Senator Lindsey Tippins (Marietta) aims to identify critical workforce needs of emerging industries by creating a career pathway for students to earn industry certification and credentials. How does Senate Bill 3 impact Georgia’s economy? Senate Bill 3 also referred to as the Creating Opportunities Needed Now to Expand Credentialed Training… Continue Reading

FROM Georgia News · Jun 26, 2018


House Bill 769, sponsored by Higher Education Chairman Rick Jasperse (Jasper) and Senator Dean Burke (Bainbridge) addresses several healthcare needs of Georgia’s less populated communities by implementing healthcare recommendations provided by the state House Rural Development Council. How does House Bill 769 impact Georgia’s economy? House Bill 769 provides funding for the creation of a… Continue Reading

FROM Georgia News · Jun 25, 2018

Georgia Joint Defense Commission

Senate Bill 395 , sponsored by Senate Veterans, Military, and Homeland Security Chairman Ben Watson (Savannah), and Representative Dave Belton (Madison) designates membership and funding for the creation of the “Georgia Joint Defense Commission.” How does Senate Bill 395 impact Georgia’s economy? The “Georgia Joint Defense Commission” will provide recommendations that promote the economic growth and… Continue Reading

FROM Georgia News · Jun 22, 2018


House Bill 696 modernizes the state’s existing tax statute to permit state sales and use tax exemptions for high-technology data centers. House Bill 696, sponsored by Representative Trey Kelley of Cedartown and Senate Majority Whip, Steve Gooch of Dahlonega incentivizes large investments by data centers. How does House Bill 696 impact Georgia’s economy? The three-tiered… Continue Reading

FROM Georgia News · Jun 21, 2018

“Tracy Rainey Act”

House Bill 739, sponsored by Representative Al Williams (Midway) and Senator Ben Watson (Savannah), addresses an existing code in Georgia law regarding professional certification for military spouses as the “Tracey Rainey Act.” How does House Bill 739 impact Georgia’s economy? House Bill 739 creates licensure reciprocity for military spouses to qualify for temporary or expedited… Continue Reading